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Healing Karma and Past Life Trauma with Black Tourmaline Crystal

The article discusses the healing properties of black tourmaline crystal, particularly for releasing past life trauma and negative karma. It explains how the crystal works to balance and ground energy, removing blockages and promoting healing. The article also provides tips on how to use black tourmaline in spiritual practices and daily life to support healing and personal growth.
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By Jovie Shank
January 26, 2024 | 6 Min Read
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Understanding Karma and Past Life Trauma

Karma is an Eastern philosophy that refers to the dynamic energy of cause and effect. Negative actions create a force of negative karma, only to be reversed by creating positive, energetic actions. Past life experiences also play a role in creating our current state of karma.

Past life trauma is the leftover suffering from our previous lives, often manifesting itself in the form of severe physical and mental blocks. This trauma can cause negative states such as fear, anger, guilt, and depression.

The Power of Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black tourmaline crystal is known to have numerous healing properties that can help one break through the walls of karmic trauma and negativity. It is said to be a powerful aid in releasing negative patterns and experiences from past incarnations. As a protective stone, it can help one deflect negative energies and create an energetic shield to ward off potential harm.

How Black Tourmaline Crystal Helps Heal Karma

With its grounding and cleansing properties, black tourmaline crystal can assist in channelling an individual’s positive energy to help release the trauma from past lives. It is said to be particularly effective in helping heal any rooted negative behavior that may be derived from past karmic patterns.

Clearing Negative Energy with Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black tourmaline crystal helps clear negative energies that contribute to karmic patterns or past life trauma. It is a powerful tool for dispelling fear and clearing out any negative energy from one’s environment or from relationships. Wearing or holding black tourmaline crystal can help one stay connected to love and equanimity while allowing for more honest self-reflection.

Releasing Past Life Trauma with Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black tourmaline crystal is an excellent tool for letting go of any lingering traumas from past lives. As a grounding stone, it can help to realign and heighten the connection between one’s physical and spiritual selves. This process of realignment can open blockages and help release the trauma that’s been held onto for so long.

Using Black Tourmaline Crystal in Energy Healing

Black tourmaline crystal has the power to heal and protect. When used in energy healing, it can help the individual expel the negative energy that has been held onto for so long, leaving the individual feeling energized and cleansed. As a purifying crystal, it can help to clear any emotional negativity and help one move forward in life.

Infusing Positive Energy with Black Tourmaline Crystal

The restorative power of black tourmaline crystal makes it an ideal tool for infusing positive vibrations into one’s life. When incorporated into daily rituals, it can bring in a sense of peace and balance which in turn can help one refocus their intentions and release any negative energy.

Creating a Protective Shield with Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black tourmaline crystal can help to create a protective shield against any negative energy. Simply carrying the stone on one’s person or placing it around the home can act as a source of protection against any external negativity.

Incorporating Black Tourmaline Crystal into Daily Rituals

Black tourmaline crystal can be used in a variety of ways to help clear and protect one’s energy. One way to use it is to incorporate it into one’s daily rituals. For example, placing black tourmaline crystal in different places around the home, including the front entrance, can help filter out any negative energy that may enter the space. Alternatively, carrying a piece of black tourmaline in a pocket or handbag can help one stay grounded and protected throughout the day.

Manifesting Positivity through Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black tourmaline crystal is often used as a tool to attract positive energy and intentions. By holding the stone while visualizing one’s desired outcome, one can begin to bring positivity and balance into their life.

Black Tourmaline Crystal for Meditation and Inner-Clearing

Meditating with black tourmaline crystal can help one reach a deeper level of awareness. The stone is known to enhance one’s energy fields and promote a sense of inner-peace. It can help to bring clarity, open the heart, and restore balance to any chaotic feelings.

Combining Black Tourmaline Crystal with Other Healing Practices

Black tourmaline crystal can be combined with other healing practices for added impact. For example, one can meditate with black tourmaline crystal while engaging in other energy practices such as mindfulness, breath work, or yoga.

Choosing the Right Black Tourmaline Crystal for Your Needs

When choosing the type of black tourmaline crystal for your needs, it is essential to consider the energy and attributes of each type. Some of the most popular types of black tourmaline include: Black Lemurian, Black Onyx, Black Schorl, and Black Star. Each type has its own set of properties that can affect the energy of an individual, so it’s important to take the time to explore and choose what’s right for you.

Maintaining the Healing Effects of Black Tourmaline Crystal

Once one has chosen the right black tourmaline crystal, it’s important to maintain its positive energy and healing effects. This can be done by occasionally cleaning and recharging the stone with the help of other crystals and selenite.

Embracing Enlightenment and Transformation with Black Tourmaline Crystal

By using black tourmaline crystal to heal and protect, one can start to open up the path of enlightenment and transformation. As its grounding and cleansing properties take effect, one can begin to reconnect with their true selves and clear the path for positive energy to flow.


The healing power of black tourmaline crystal is one of the most powerful tools available for healing karma and past life trauma. Its purifying and protective properties make it a trusted aid for reclaiming one’s power and releasing the trauma that has been held onto for so long. With its protective shield and inner-clearing properties, black tourmaline crystal can help one manifest positivity and embrace transformation.

Key Points about Black Tourmaline Crystal:

CleansingDispel fear and clear out negative energy
ProtectiveCreate an energetic shield to ward off potential harm
GroundingConnect between physical and spiritual selves
InfusingVisualize desired outcome and attract positive energy
ClearingClear blockages and manifest positivity
MaintainingClean and recharge the stone regularly
EnlighteningOpen up the path of enlightenment and transformation
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With over twenty years of experience with crystals, I've harnessed their energies for goal achievement, protection, and attracting love. These steadfast companions have guided me with their wisdom and light.

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