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Black Tourmaline Crystal

Strengthening Your Aura and Energy Field with Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black tourmaline crystal is a powerful tool for enhancing ones aura and energy field. Its cleansing and protective properties help block negative energy and promote feelings of safety and stability. By using this crystal in meditation, carrying it with you, or simply placing it in your home, you can strengthen your aura and create a more positive and balanced energy within yourself.
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By Jovie Shank
December 31, 2023 | 6 Min Read
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Understanding Aura and Energy Fields

Aura and Energy fields are invisible vibrations that surround individuals and objects. They can be described as a multi-dimensional force field that protects, storages, and influences the energies of that person or object. Auras are distinct to each individual and reflect our emotional, physical, and spiritual state. Our bodies are constantly exchanging energy with the universe, so it is important to protect, cleanse, and keep balanced the energy in our aura and energy field.

The Power of Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black Tourmaline crystals are powerful aids to alleviate stress and boost the protective energies surrounding us. It is a type of crystal which is known for its purifying, grounding, and shielding properties. This crystal works to purify negative energies while strengthening the physical body and encouraging a positive attitude. In addition, it helps to create boundaries as it promotes a more secure and safe environment.

Healing Properties of Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline absorbs and deflects negative energies, helps reduce stress and anxiety, and boosts feelings of security and safety. It also assists in releasing fear and any form of worry, while increasing happiness and strengthening clarity. This crystal is thought to help individuals restore their energy and feel empowered.

How to Use Black Tourmaline for Strengthening Aura

Below is a summary of some recommended methods for using Black Tourmaline to strengthen your aura and energy field:

Clearing and ChargingRebalance energies, clears away any stagnant or negative energy
MeditatingConnects to inner self, provides clarity
ProtectingBuilds boundaries against negative energies and influences
EnhancingAmplifies the effects of other crystals
WearingCarry protective energies when out and about
Creating safe environmentMaintains the integrity of an environment
Daily routineProvides continual support and protection

Cleansing and Charging Your Black Tourmaline Crystal

Before using Black Tourmaline crystal on your aura and energy field, it is important to clear and cleanse it of any residual energies. To do this, hold the crystal in your dominant hand and use your other hand to hold a selenite wand. Then pass the wand gently over the surface of the crystal a few times, visualizing any attached or stagnant energy drawn out. Finally, leave the crystal in direct sunlight or moonlight for a minimum of four hours to recharge it.

Meditating with Black Tourmaline for Energy Renewal

Meditating with Black Tourmaline encourages individuals to connect with their inner self and discover clarity. Sit or recline comfortably and hold the crystal in between your hands. Relax and let go of any tension in the body. Visualize a protective energy being created and imagine the crystal drawing in the negative or chaotic energies. Stay in this space for at least 15 minutes and when you’re finished, set an intention for gratitude.

Protecting Your Aura and Energy with Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline can be used to protect your aura and energy field from external negative energies. Visualize the crystal forming a shield around you and being filled with light and energy. It can also be placed on the physical body to strengthen your energetic boundaries.

Enhancing Personal Boundaries with Black Tourmaline

Individuals can support their personal boundaries further by using Black Tourmaline to build a wall of protection against any unwanted energies. Visualize the energy coming out of the crystal and forming an invisible wall around your body. Setting intentions for what you want to allow in and keep out can be powerful and help to define your space.

Combining Black Tourmaline with Other Crystals for Amplified Effects

Certain crystals can be combined with Black Tourmaline to magnify its protective and resonant effects. Must-try crystals in this combination include Selenite, Kyanite, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst. When using these crystals for this purpose, visualise each crystal carrying their own unique energy, but all containing the same vibrational frequency which amplifies the strength of the aura and energy field.

Incorporating Black Tourmaline into Your Daily Routine

It is essential to maintain and protect your aura and energy field daily and this can be achieved by incorporating Black Tourmaline into your daily routine. Place the crystal in your home, your workspace, or in your pocket or bag and resist the urge to ruminate on difficult or anxiety provoking topics. This practice will help to set boundaries and protect your energy field from any intrusion.

Benefits of Wearing Black Tourmaline Jewellery

Wearing Black Tourmaline jewellery provides a constant reminder to express gratitude and can provide a protective energy when out and about. It can also alleviate stress and promote feelings of safety and security.

Creating a Safe and Positive Space with Black Tourmaline

The environment can be made more conducive to relaxation and peace by incorporating Black Tourmaline in the space. Place several of these crystals around your home or workspace and visualize them releasing calming and positive energy.

Maintaining Your Aura and Energy Field with Black Tourmaline

To ensure that your aura and energy field remain balanced on a daily basis, use the crystal to perform a daily check-in. Hold the crystal in your hand and ask yourself a few questions as to how you are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally. This practice should offer clarity and help to take control and maintain the integrity of your energy field.

Honoring the Energies of Black Tourmaline

When working with Black Tourmaline, it is important to honor the energies of this crystal. Treat it with respect and show your appreciation. Regularly cleanse and charge the crystal to ensure that its energies remain bright and clear and that it will continue to protect your aura and energy field from any unwanted or outside influences.

Conclusion: Strengthening Your Aura and Energy Field with Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal that can be used to protect, cleanse, and maintain the energy in your aura and energy field. By adapting it into your daily routine and using it in combination with other crystals, you can strengthen your aura and enhance your personal boundaries. With continued use, Black Tourmaline crystal can provide lasting protection from negative energies and promote positive and balanced energies.

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