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Reiju Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant



Price Checked 2024-04-15 05:01:12
Colour Black
Brand Reiju
Highest Recorded Price £14.99
Lowest Recorded Price £14.99


🌟 Discover the Magic of Natural Healing with the Reiju Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant! A fusion of earthy elegance and rejuvenating energy. ✨

  • Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal: Embrace the raw beauty and powerful protective energy of Black Tourmaline. A natural guardian against negativity and a booster for your spiritual well-being! 🔮
  • Lightweight Elegance: Weighing just 0.04 pounds, this pendant is a feather-light charm that offers both style and comfort. Perfect for everyday wear! 🌿
  • Beautifully Gift-Wrapped: Ready to enchant, this pendant comes in stunning gift wrap, making it an ideal present for someone special or a delightful treat for yourself! 🎁

Colour: Black - A symbol of strength and grounding energy. 🖤

Outstanding Features
Feature Description
Material Raw Black Tourmaline
Weight 0.04 Pounds
Specialty Energy Charged, Protective Qualities
Packaging Gift Wrapped

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